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Training Diaries: Glimpses of Military Training!

Military training is considered as one of the toughest training one can ever go through! The pain they endure, the life they lead and the discipline they carry are hard to describe in words. Here are a few of the amazing incidents shared by people, which shows what military training looks like.

When a Bollywood song became the ‘ragda’ anthem!

There’s a very famous saying in the military academy,

“Jitna ragda, utna tagda” (the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war)!

A very good friend of mine, during his training at IMA, was once taken to a cliff for Ragda along with his coursemates. 

So their whole batch was on the top of the hill at 0300 hours, in the chilling atmosphere of Dehradun, in just a vest and shorts, and they were asked to do front rolls. They were all exhausted and were full of sweat and blood. Completely out of energy and were just stagnant at a place in the midst of those chilling winds which was doing nothing great except enhancing the pain by moving over the streams of blood and sweat.

Then suddenly a guy stood and shouted from the bottom of his epiglottis (I wonder from where he got the spirit to stand up!)

“Aashiqon me jiska title Titanic…”

The others also slowly started feeling energised with a bit of laughter, and they matched their voices with the voice of their mate,

“Aashiqon me jiska title Titanic…”

And, then the leader continued,

“Muaah kinara dikha kar ke daga de gaya…”

And then as the song progressed to the lines when Parineeti Chopra comes and dances on the words Jhallah Wallah, the whole lot was doing front rolls with full swing and the pain disappeared in those sky-piercing laughter of the warriors.

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When chocolates and cookies saved a ‘ragda’ session!

Once a squadron was getting rogered because they performed pathetic in all sports events and cross-country. The senior-most cadet of the squadron was taking charge with a hockey stick in his hands. He himself was very good at sports and was furious with the overall result of the squadron.

One among the most junior lot was not aware of the situation and was at a shopping complex buying snacks for himself. Obviously, he wasn’t aware of what was happening in his squadron.

A senior from the same squadron who happened to be at the complex saw him and called him.

He asked, “You know what is happening in the squadron right now?”

The answer was, “No, sir.”

The senior said, “Come. Let me show you what is happening there.”

And he took the junior to the squadron. As soon as they reached the squadron, our junior realized how much trouble he was in.

The bag was full. The cadet was scared. He was asked to stand at the centre, open his bag and show everyone the treasure inside.

There was so much inside that small bag — biscuits, chocolates, Namkeens, Tang, chips, Glucon-D etc.

Total quantity seemed sufficient for at least a week for a dozen people.

He was asked what these were for and for whom.

Even everything belonged to him; the answer came, “Sir, it is for my batch mates. We were tired. I thought I should get some snacks for everyone.”

Everyone was shell shocked after hearing this. And the reaction obviously meant — when did we tell him to buy anything?

But batchmate funda came in for the rescue of the cadet. No one said anything. They agreed and took it on them.

The end result — the senior, appreciated the cadet and told him to stand in one corner. Everyone else got rogered right left and centre the whole night.

Next day, that cadet actually brought snacks and chocolates for everyone and apologized personally.

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When an Adjutant took a toll on a cadet!

One of our course mates took ill on the drill square. After a long day of drilling and busting our asses under the sun, he was just about to vomit when the Adjutant astride his horse, came up to him.

He waited for the guy to spill his guts out. The cadet retched but all that came out was a little watery liquid. Then he collapsed on his knees.

The Adjutant screamed at him, “What? That is it? You fucker! Even a bloody cat shits more than you!”.

Needless to say, we were all on our knees howling with laughter like hyenas. Needless to say, all of us got rogered pretty hard.

Beauty and the beast?!

Our math teacher at the NDA had an extremely pretty wife. The math teacher himself was quite a terror.

On a Sunday afternoon while we were marching back from lunch in the mess, in a proper 2×2 squad, the teacher and his wife passed us on their Lambretta scooter. One of us, thinking they were out of hearing range, commented, “there goes the beauty and the beast.”

The Lambretta screeched to a halt — we halted, our knees melting. The math teacher stared at us menacingly, and we got visions of a perfectly good Sunday coming to an end.

“Who said that?” growled the numbers man. The erring cadet sheepishly raised his hand.

“Don’t you ever call my wife a beast again,” and then a twist of his left wrist as he shifted the Lambretta into 1st gear and zoomed off.

And we still had a wonderful Sunday!

Such incidents are a part of academy life and serve as lifetime memories for those who witness them.

The incidents were originally shared on Quora.